Data Backup and Recovery

Data is essential as such it's important that it remain secure. From tax records, to client information keeping it safe is a project in of itself.

Just imagine it getting lost because of an unanticipated disaster or even worse. Stolen!

What is your back-up plan? How much money have you set aside to prepare for this?

Data backup and recovery is a must for everyone, but don’t worry, we've got you covered. DS Tech specializes in computer, hard drive, NAS, VMware and other network backups. As well as system recovery. We use business class backup software and services to save all of your domain and server information. We recommend and can even store it in a dissimilar server off site. You will be able have access to your information with 99.99% up-time and never have to worry about unreliable tech support.

With data backup and disaster recovery services by DS Tech, you can expect the following:

Plan for the unexpected

Let's face it, you have either already experienced data loss or will at some point in time on your computer and network equipment. Why not prepare in advance with a quality business backup solution?

Safeguard and protect your business

Natural disasters, hacked servers and virus infections happen rapidly, we can protect your business data from all of these situations.

Recover your data in minutes

When your business is down, how much money do you expect to fork over? How much down time will you company endure? DS Tech has got you covered. We have solutions that can have your business back up and running in minutes.

Whether you are a one-person, small or large business, you know as well as we do that you need dependable data backup and recovery. We have served the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin for over 40 years!

Call us now and prevent the unexpected from destroying to your growing company!

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