DS Tech Launches Powerful IT Network Assessment Tool

Sophisticated Technology Assesses Customers’ Networks in Less Than 30 Minutes

DS Tech, a leading unified communications provider, announced today that the company has started implementing a powerful IT network assessment tool. The sophisticated technology provides businesses with extraordinary insight into their IT infrastructure, critical devices and other endpoints. This tool enables DS Tech to immediately assess the stability of a customer’s network and provide real-time recommendations to improve overall performance and security.


DS Tech deploys network assessments when meeting with small to mid-sized business (SMBs) in the local area. Technicians are able to plug a small device into existing servers and within roughly 30 minutes, those technicians are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of network activity and applications.

Most problems are usually solvable with minimal effort

During the discovery phase, the tool highlights existing threats on the network, security holes or other areas of concern. Interestingly enough, most problems are usually solvable with minimal effort. For example, the tool runs a password strength analysis on every endpoint on the network and can identify potential risks to the network. More often than not, a simple password change can fix this problem. Additionally, Security Risk Report includes a proprietary Security Risk Score and chart showing the relative health (on a scale of 1 to 10) of the network security, along with a summary of the number of computers with issues.  Another area of concern for most small business owners is when employees download software programs that drain bandwidth or expose the business to threats such as viruses. This tool can detect that and then DS Tech can begin remediating the problem.

After the discovery phase is conducted and the tool has uncovered network issues worth investigating, business owners receive an executive summary with all pertinent findings and recommended action steps. “It’s very powerful to give our customers this level of insight into their network,” stated Eric Wakkuri, Vice President of DS Tech. “Business owners want technology to run efficiently so they can benefit from increased productivity and profitability. As their technology advisor, it is our responsibility to ensure this result.”

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