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Who is DS Tech?

We provide Computer Services & Technical Support for Small to Medium Businesses in Iron Mountain and the surrounding areas.

If you need a professional, reliable IT support team in Marquette, look no further than DS Tech. We bring a complete technical team with IT support experience to local communities like Marquette.

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What Technical Services & Computer Support in Iron Mountain?

Here are some of the IT support & services we can provide to your Iron Mountain business:

Businessman-80 (1)

IT Services & Support

VOIP Gateway-100 (1)

VoIP Phone Services

Data Backup-80 (1)

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Spy Male-80 (1)


Cloud-80 (2)

Cloud Computing

Managed IT Services for Iron Mountain

If you need to have your office IT managed in Iron Mountain, DS Tech is the right place to go.

With an enormous support team, 40 years experience in Managing IT across Michigan, and small town values that you expect in Iron Mountain, DS Tech makes business IT just work.

Living in Iron Mountain presents an excellent opportunity for business owners to cut their rent and staffing bills, and with DS Tech as your trusted IT partner, you can flourish as though you were anywhere in the world.


Why hire a computer support team in Iron Mountain

Whether you need occasional IT support for your small business, or a complete management and optimization solution in Iron Mountain - we have a package that will suit your budget and help your business grow.

Managing your IT allows for you to get more productivity out of your existing staff, and reduce downtime when trouble occurs.

Just a simple issue like a computer crashing or a problem with errors seems small, but when it impacts your business process - it has knock on effects that can costs tens of staff hours and thousands of dollars in profit.

With a managed IT service in Iron Mountain, you don't need to worry about if you are making the most out of your staff and systems, we'll do it for you.

Why isn't your network working as it should?

With over 40 years experience managing small and medium business technology - we can help you identify bottlenecks, improvements and any security issues your business has.

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