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Every business is different and if your network security solution is to be effective it needs to be personalized to your unique business environment. Instead of deploying random security tools to protect your network, you need to develop a network security plan to understand what your business needs or you’re just making assumptions which can leave your network and business vulnerable.

Don’t work in the dark! Fortify for Protection scans your IT environment to identify security gaps, providing information needed to secure your network. Most importantly, Fortify for Protection’s analysis is designed specifically for your business’ needs and not a cookie-cutter solution many network security experts offer.

Fortify for Protection’s solution combines intelligent profiling and alerting technology with support from our Security Operations Center (SOC), which gives us the information needed to build and enforce end-to-end security policies, personalized for your network. Finally, with advanced profiling, risk scoring and identification of gaps in coverage, we can quickly develop a strategy to ensure your network is secure.

Key Benefits

Address security gaps based on best practices

Your network security solution shouldn’t be based on assumptions, instead why not develop a security strategy based on your business’ actual needs? Our security solution compiles massive amounts of field data and experience to tailor a strategy specifically for you, taking advantage of proven best practices designed for the unique needs of your business.

Alert ready vs alert fatigued

When a security system constantly rings the alarm, eventually people become numb to it and it fades into background noise, only to be ignored; becoming fatigued. An alert ready solution on the other hand, filters out noise and informs us only on alerts that need to be actioned. This allows us to focus more energy on providing you optimal service instead of chasing ghosts in the machine.

Security and compliance as a growth driver

Compliance has moved beyond a checkbox and is now a business driver for many industries, as not being in compliance can not only limit your ability to attract customers, but increase your network’s exposure to being hacked. When implemented properly, you can achieve compliance that is not a burden, but an opportunity, particularly if your competitors are not.

Monitoring and analysis

Attacks on your network aren't a one-time thing. In reality, cyber-hackers may make several attempts to gain access to your network, many of which your team may not be aware of. Key log files can be monitored to identify and correlate events that could be malicious, while providing insights needed to institute additional security and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Customized security profiles

Instead of assuming what your business needs to maintain network security, our customized profiles reduces data noise to focus on what really matters: identification of technical gaps in your IT environment. This personal approach to network security helps us take action on what’s actually needed to prevent an attack on your business, not what might be.

Risk scoring and alert thresholds

If you don’t have data to analyse, then you don’t know your level of exposure. The risk score helps us identify protection gaps and how they impact your devices’ vulnerability to threats. Alert thresholds are customized to measure acceptable risk on a per-device basis, generating tickets only when a risk score exceeds its threshold—eliminating much of the clutter and noise found in other solutions.

Advanced Reporting for Compliance

Compliance regulations such as for HIPAA can be not only be complicated, but are constantly under review and reconsideration, leaving the average business at risk for being ‘technically’ out of compliance. Our advanced reporting tools exposes security configuration gaps which go against policies and provides solutions to ensure you remain in compliance.

Webroot Secure Anywhere® DNS Protection

Cyber hackers are constantly finding ways to test your network security, don’t make it easy on them. Equip your business with advanced DNS protection. Featuring more than 80 URL categories, it provides greater visibility over endpoint connections, reduces risk and tailors usage policies for your business’ unique needs.

Webroot® Security Awareness Training

Your employees are your biggest asset and also greatest weakness when it comes to protecting your network. Our comprehensive training courses are designed to educate you and your employees about security threats, and how to avoid them on an ongoing basis, using best practices for network security.

For more information about our network security solutions call us today at (906) 786-0057.

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