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DS Tech Stops Their Customers’ Networks from Being Attacked


“One of the easiest avenues to penetrate a company’s network is through email,” commented Eric Wakkuri, Vice President of DS Tech. “Unwanted email continues to rise every year and as this occurs the threat to the network dramatically increases. The negative effect includes decreased employee productivity and downtime as well as the monetary costs associated with fixing the network if it’s penetrated. Therefore, we have introduced to our customers a fully managed email defense software that provides perimeter-based security.”

The intuitive solution offers a variety of benefits including spam blocking, virus and worm scanning, and email attack and fraud protection. The software also presents the network administrator with a number of user-friendly reports designed to aid in making the necessary changes to effectively deal with new threats. This must have business application manages, monitors and protects an organization’s email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additionally, DS Tech offers a web defense solution that proactively zeros in on spyware, viruses and phishing attacks. Web defense safeguards the entire network including remote users and adapts to the latest threats that occur. Companies benefit immediately after its implementation. For example, web defense reduces unproductive web surfing, network congestion, and employee downtime. It protects against vicious attacks and potential fraud, lowers the risk of confidential information leaks, identifies spyware-infected computers, and increases web visibility because it determines how end users spend their time on the web. However, the most important benefit is that it eliminates the time spent by IT professionals on threat management and enables them to focus on achieving strategic business objectives.

According to a survey conducted by Continuity Insights magazine, KPMG Risk Advisory Services, and The Hartford’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness, more than 25% of all businesses experience a significant crisis in any given year – of those that do not have a data recovery plan, 43% will not re-open. The practice of storing information, the heart and lifeblood of any organization, onto data tapes locally and having someone take them home for safekeeping is an outdated and dangerous practice. DS Tech provides an off-site data backup solution in the event the network goes down. This tool automatically and securely backs up all of an organization’s data directly to the onsite appliance while simultaneously backing up a copy to the offsite storage application. This solution eliminates the need to store and manage data tapes, reduces the expensive hardware needed to maintain those tapes, and increases the recovery speed of lost data.

“Advances in threat protection have come to a point where it’s extremely cost effective for any business to secure their most critical asset. As our customers’ trusted technology advisor we strongly encourage all organizations to take advantage of these solutions because it gives every business owner the peace of mind that their network and information are secure,” commented Mr. Wakkuri.

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