Remote IT Services

Imagine having the best sales month to date. And all of the sudden your network goes down, the IT tech or computer repair team is working to resolve the issues, but to no avail.

Instead you can opt to use our remote IT services to have the problem fixed in a literal fraction of the time. We can remote connect to your network and machines from afar, making it easier for DS Tech to fix your issues with ease and precision.

Did I mention that you'll save time, less stress, better workflow?


When you commit to our services, and bring us on board to your company's team. You bring the following, too:

Extensive Services

We can help with removing viruses, updating server software, fixing backup issues, adding a user to your VoIP phone system, etc. Quickly eliminate downtime, no more long waits problems to be fixed.

Affordable Fees

We can fix all of your issues at a fraction of the cost it would be to hire someone onsite. And we're dedicated to you, for your business needs.

With DS Tech, your business can grow with ease when you sign up with remote IT services. We are based in Escanaba in the Delta County of Michigan, but can service the world remotely.

Give us a call and get more information as to how we can help to resolve your business needs and get your business back on track to becoming even more profitable.

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