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18 Things to Make Preview

Make Sure You’re Prepared to Securely Do Remote Work

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There are plenty of reasons that you might consider establishing remote work policies to enable your staff to work from home. A convenient and time-saving option, many people find that its many benefits can suit their needs quite well. 

  • 75% find it less distracting
  • 86% find it less stressful
  • 77% of future employees see even one day of remote work as a great incentive

However, if you are to work from home, you need to do so securely.

Whether or not you are in the office, you and your team need to follow the same cybersecurity best practices as ever… in fact, you have to do a little more when working remotely to ensure the security of company data.

Don’t Sacrifice Security for Convenience

There’s a lot to consider that you might not think about at first. That’s why we’ve put together our Stress-Free Remote Work Checklist. Illustrating 18 different things you need to do to make sure your remote work remains as protected as it is productive. With in-depth summaries provided for each step, you and your team will be fully prepared to accomplish more while out of the office.

This checklist will take you through:

  • The preparations to make before you get started
  • Basic best practices to follow all the time
  • Proactive behaviors to minimize threats to company data

Don’t let someone’s busy schedule or enthusiasm to put their best foot forward deter you from allowing remote work to take place. Securely allow it by educating your employees what they are expected to do.

Get Your Checklist Now!

Download 18 Things to Make Your Remote Work Secure, Convenient, and Stress-Free today and give it to all your employees who are interested in remote work.

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